Thursday, August 10, 2017

Week 2 and Don't feel blue

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When we went inside during the storm
Its been 2 weeks now and overall the work at Children's can get pretty chill, but fun all in the matter of 6 hour's. The day started off as the same routine with us getting prepared and setting up the place with crab traps, fishing, and etc. We got off early because the staff from CHV had taken over, but We did end up getting a fish in one of the crab traps. The fish was a cunner.

But overall from that it was a regular fun day. Tuesday was pretty much that same thing as any other day to be honest. Nothing to special happened that day we got more fun guests come our way to try out fishing and crabs. A lot of kids were really excited. Wednesday came around and after we got set up a 2 separate groups of kids came and they went fishing and checked out more crabs. On that day a lot were scared to touch the crabs but we persuaded them to touch it and they were fine in the end and even laughing about it. We even caught a baby flounder in the afternoon. Half way through the day it started to downpour very hard and we went under the tent and didn't get much customers which makes sense because it was raining really really hard. We even went inside the children's museum to continue the job showing the crabs and flounders to the kids.

Have a great day while chilling on the bay

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