Monday, August 21, 2017

Double Event Weekend

This is Andres Amador, who taught us how to make this art
So the past weekend, I was scheduled to do two events, one on Saturday, and one on Sunday. However I learned that the event was to sand rake at certain beaches, which I learned on Friday at Carson with most of the Save The Harbor staff. Sand Raking is when you get a three ended rake and dig in the ground and make art. What we usually did was make flowers, and names and easy stuff like that. Simple art, however beautiful to make. Then Andres would get the drone and take a picture of it and publish it on whatever website (most likely Save The harbor's site). The first day we went to Constitution Beach.

simple flower
I took the blue line to Constitution Beach, and because it was the same day as the counter protest, not a lot of people were there. Most of the flowers made were done by our staff, and it came out nice. The next day we went to Nantasket Beach. A LOT of people were there and so many people wanted to sand rake after a couple flowers were completed that staff needed to give up their rakes. This whole piece was so beautiful and large people were pushed off to the side of the beach, and I do not think the drone got the whole picture. It was so beautiful, and a fun task to do at work.

Signing out,
Qalid Hassan :)

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