Sunday, August 20, 2017

I say C - H, you say V!

Ladies and Gents,

This week I have been officially moved to my new site, an island where Camp Harbor View runs it's programs! At this site, I was able to show some of the expertise I've acquired over the years of fishing with my father: crab hunting! To save on bait costs, whenever my father and I went out to fish, we would scavenge the rocky shoreline for Asian shore crabs as bait! Our director of strategy Chris had told my site leader Kristen that we needed some Asian shore crabs for crab chips! You can imagine what happened next if you've been following my Steve Irwin like attitude of getting up and close with animals!
Figure 1. In this photo, everyone is looking about for some invasive species (periwinkles and Asian shore crabs)!

Figure 2. From this aerial view, you can get an overview of what it was like scavenging for these critters!
Whenever a new batch of kids came around, they would always be scared of being pinched. I got into a habit of telling them, "they can't pinch you, if you pinch them first!" Which worked well enough to convince some kids to attempt it! After about an hour of working solo, when the next batch of kids arrived, they started banding together with bottles to temporarily hold crabs. With the teamwork of a staff to flip giant rocks and the nimble, agile reflexes of the youth, magic was being made as a container was quickly filling up!

Figure 3. This bottle of crabs could not have been achieved without the cooperation and teamwork of everyone in this photo!

So far, we have yet to break the streak where we catch no fish at CHV. But soon enough, I can imagine the rods to be wrangling stripers one after another!

Thank you folks and enjoy your week,
Raymond Chai

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