Sunday, August 6, 2017

Thunderbolst and Lightning! Very very frightening!!

We got a soaked person here!
Today outside of the museum went quite quick in the morning. We started off with a large group with maybe about 30 kids, which I won over with one of our crabs. Along with a few smaller groups of families and tourists. My only annoyance of the day was trying to cut the bait... Why do scup have such pointy spines???

But other than, that it was quite fun for the entirety of the first shift! The only trouble we ran into there was a few snags on seaweed and hooks catching on the line. Now you might be thinking, "Garrett! If the first shift was so good, what about the second half? Was it as fun and cool?" and to that I say, yes. Both at different times, yet at the same time.

Now, what does that mean??? And I'll tell you. It means that I had fun, but it wasn't cool. It was cool, but wasn't fun, And it was fun and cool at all times. Now that's confusing. But when I say it was cool, but wasn't fun and was fun but wasn't cool, I am referring to the rain. It came out of nowhere and soaked some people who were running for cover! HAH! Shows them, I was smart and said, "Guys! Let's keep fishing!" And I did just that...or at least until we heard thunder and saw lightning. At that point, I knew that I wasn't gonna be let back out there. So I submitted and stayed under the tent... For a few minutes at least! But the craziest part of it, was when I stood in the rain and wasn't hit by a single drop for a good minute! Sam can testify for me! But I'm fairly sure everyone had fun even despite the rain.
Lets have fun in the rain!

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