Monday, August 14, 2017

How did you even do this?

On Friday I was told to be at the Curley Community Center on the M street entrance at 9:45. AndI looked up how to get there from Fields corner, and let's just say it's a very long walk after you get out of JFK/UMass. The walk was 27 minutes as I saw it on the map, so I had to plan ahead: I got up at around 7:30 and left at around 8:00 just so I could get there in time. When I eventually got to Curley Community Center I saw Melissa sitting down on the bench waiting by herself. So I decided to wait with her. We ended up waiting until around 9:45 in which Bridgette showed up with supplies in hand things like fishing rods, sandcastles,and a good amount of squid bait. While getting the supplies ready for the day another save the harbor save the bay staff member came along named Mary she also helps a lot with the activities we did that day. But the kids that were there, they were something else. Everyone was doing fine, I was getting bait for all the children and basically as soon as I finished getting all the children bait one came back and told me that his fishing rod line was tangled. So I untangled it for him and the deed was done but then about 5 minutes later Bridget called me over told me someone was having troubles with their fishing rod line being tangled so I decided to help out. Little did I know that this rod was so badly tangled that even after I cut the line, the fishing rod was still tangled to the point that the reel would not even move! So we ended up giving the Rod back to the people and they said they will get one of their people to fix the rod in after about five more people getting their lines tangled while fishing it was time to go!

May those fishing rods Rest In Peace
 ~Eric Joseph

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