Wednesday, August 9, 2017

All Aboard All Access

My first time on all access and it lived up to its expectations. I'm beginning to learn that all Save the Harbor events are organized chaos. I believe the head count for the day was 500 children. David said that was the biggest group of the year, on the day with all new staff.  Max and Sam were already exposed to all access and knew the drill but Melissa, two office interns, and myself were just as confused as the kids. Getting the kids on the boat was the hardest part, I forget how long it takes their little legs to get going when in that big of a group. It's overwhelming, some of them have never been on a boat or even in a activity with so many new faces around them. On the boat we go around talking to the kids and teaching them about the islands we pass, Deer Island being the one they're most interested in, naturally. Seeing the kids run around the island going into the "Dark Tunnel" and conquering their fears, playing sports, and just exploring was so much fun. Their faces full of excitement and curiosity. I have to say the ride back was my favorite part. I've always said that I am not good at making quick relationships with kids, I prefer seeing them everyday and gradually building the trust and love but this trip got me out of my comfort zone. I knew I would most likely not meet them again so I had to take advantage of the time I had with them. I meet this group of kids ages 5-7 and they stole my heart. They taught me games, I told them ghost stories, they told me their favorite part of George's island and we just talked. After we guessed each others ages the kids wanted me to guess where their families were from. When I finally told them I was Honduran and Irish one of the boys got excited and said he is Irish and El Salvadoran. I then became his sister, once that happened everyone joined in. They all began calling me sister by the end of the ride back, I have never been showered with more hugs than I did by that group of kids. I think I may have had more fun than the kids.
Some of my new siblings

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