Thursday, August 24, 2017

Fishing Trip Round 2

Hello Fishermen and Fisherwomen,

I had to pleasure to go on another fishing trip today with some kids of Camp Harbor View. We docked on Captain Charlie's ship and departed on our adventure. The kids were all very ecstatic to go fishing today and that lifted up my spirits as well. Captain Charlie's boat was filled with fishing rods so there was no shortage of action for any kids or myself.

The day started off quite slow. Captain Charlie was bringing us to different spots, but we weren't really getting any luck. We would move around every 15 minutes or so if no one was catching anything. In my head, I was starting to think that we weren't going to catch anything today. However, the kids never lost hope. They kept themselves energetic and occupied by baiting the rods with sea worms themselves. This was my first time with the Camp Harbor View kids and I had to say I was very impressed with their enthusiasm for the whole trip. It was no surprise when Poseidon finally rewarded the kids for their patience. It was after lunch when the fish started coming in. Some kids started catching fish after fish. I even caught one myself. Even though it was hot and slow at times, the kids kept their energy up and as a result, all of our energy levels were high as well. It was a great day to go fishing out on the water with the kids!

Me and Uriel caught a fish! He caught about 5!
-Henry Liang

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