Sunday, August 6, 2017

Another Year, Another Splash

My third Beach Bash and Splash at Carson Beach was probably the best one yet! When I was signing groups in I asked some kids if they were excited, their response was not what I was expecting. The nonchalant shoulder shrug I received in response was almost comical because I knew they were in for an excellent day!When I finally made my way to the beach I saw them at the sports station and they were running around playing catch and having a great time! And when it was time for the splash they were among the huge group of kids who didn't wait for anybody to count to three! They just ran into the water right after our Haul away Joe Song!
The Splash!
After my first arrival on the beach I made my way down the beach to the fishing station. We caught some crabs and got to hang out with our feet in the water while we worked! The kids in my line helped me make up a new dance move called the "fisherman". You hold your left hand up like you're holding a fishing rod, spin your right hand like you're reeling in a HUGE fish, then lean back to finish it off! I tried to get some other kids to do the dance move when they were singing their favorit Spongebob and Moana songs but it didn't seem to stick. Maybe I'll have better luck next year!

Splash On!

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