Wednesday, August 16, 2017


Water bugs always on his mind
Fly guy Zach
As the summer is past the mid point, I started reflecting on Blacks Creek. Our last week there was so short, we only had programming there on Monday and Tuesday. I hadn't realized that we would not be returning this summer. This means I haven't said my goodbyes! I reflect back on the children that we meet, I remember the first week feeling like we would have a good summer but nothing out of the ordinary. Leave it to Save the Harbor to prove me wrong, I fell in love with Blacks Creek and everyone involved with it. The kids personalities really started to show after the first week, we meet the most unique children I have ever encountered. We had Nick who refused to touch a crab or have one near him, although I did manage to get to him to pick one up when he was feeling very brave. The last week he brought in a winter glove so that he could scoop them up without hesitation. There's our friend who only cared about bugs and would spend all of our time together searching for water bugs.  We encountered many siblings, this was my personal favorites. It's fun to see them interact with their brothers and sisters. I learned that seven year olds can throw much farther than me, which was really embarrassing on my behalf, the kids thought I was joking when I would throw as far as I can. The kids taught me to always be involved to have fun and learn new things. Then we have the Blacks creek staff, don't even get me started with the crew. I felt so blessed to be out with the staff I was. I felt instantly comfortable with them and they never failed to make me laugh. The summer at Blacks Creek would be nothing with out them and the children. I feel connected to the site now and hope I will get to go back next year!

Taking in the beautiful scenery 

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