Tuesday, August 14, 2018

A Day with Big Papi

Another week at Camp Harbor view spent well.
This week I was with Jules, Nieomi, and Michael. We were very lucky to hear a presentation from Big Papi himself on Tuesday.
All programming was paused in order to listen to Big Papi speak and ask him some questions. Listening to him was truly a
blessing in disguise, as he said some wise words. He told us that, growing up, he liked basketball, not baseball. He also took us
into the eyes of a poor humble young boy, who truly had no place like he does now. Through his story he reiterated that he didn’t
wake up well known, he worked and worked and worked, proving to us that anyone is capable of what he did.

The legend himself, big papi.

Friday was a regular day at Camp Harbor view, but I was very happy that I got to see my friend Crystal. She worked at
CHV last year but discontinued, so it was nice for her to come and visit and check out fishing club with us!

On Sunday I had a lot of fun at the Seafood Festival. I was very surprised at the amount of people out and about so early
in the morning. I got to make beautiful fish prints for many kids and families, who absolutely enjoyed them. I liked working
with Kaya, Jules, Garrett, and Colin, and am very happy I chose this event.
One of the many fish prints I made!

See you next blog!!

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