Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Craziness all around!

The past week was full of fun! Throughout the week we did so many fun things both on and off the dock at Piers Park! On the grass we played alot of fun games like "everyone's it" tag, Indian chief and where the wind blows. Going from last to first, where the wind blows is a game where everyone stands in a circle with one person in the middle. The person in the middle would say their name and one thing that would apply to them. So for instance I would say, "Hi my name is Garrett and the wind blows for anyone who likes fishing."  Whoever likes to fish would move to another spot in the circle and the last person is in the middle.
Getting the kids some
We can say that I got to be in the middle alot, those kids are fast! The second game we played was a game called "indian chief" and similar yo where the wind blows, we sit in a circle with one person out and turned away from the circle. While in the circle, we would choose someone to be the "chief" who would lead everyone in some sort of movment, when we all started we would call the guesser back and they had three guesses. One kid who we chose was so riskey! The person who was guessing was Right infront of him! And he just switched while he was looking! When he did that I almost died of laughter! I couldnt believe he wasnt caught! That had to be my favorite memory of that game. But my all time favorite game we played is "everyone's it" tag! This game is played exactly how it sounds, everyone is it!
A picture within a
If two people tagged eachother at the same time, they would play rock, paper, scissors and the loser is out. My first time playing I got out alot because I'm bad at rock, paper, scissors. Some of the greatest moments is when a group of kids are trying to tag me and all work together! I guess they found a common enemy in me. But, I would weasle myself out of there and keep running. But, I wouldnt always get out of there safe. More than a few times I couldnt get free and out of nowhere one of them would get me. At those mements I was really happy when I saw them practically jumping for joy that they got me. But you could also say that it wasnt the best time in the day. If anyone asked me what my favorite memory of the day was, it was down at the dock when everyone was either getting in a kayak or fishing, and out of nowhere somebody shouts "jellyfish!" And everyone turns their heads torwards the noise and almost running to which ever side of the dock is closest. Though I dont know if I'm just good with kids, or they just remember my name the easiest, but when they find it I start hearing "Garrett we found another one!" Or "Garrett we need help! We foumd a moonjelly!" If you ask me, that makes everything else feel like nothing. The joy and enthusiasm in those kids is not something to be trifled with. One of the staff told me that the kids loose a bit of the energy when we leave, and I fully doubt that due to the seemingly infinite stock they have.

Though Tuesday was also an interesting day but not only because we went to courageous. Something that was really cool was that I meet some other boyscouts! But the crazy part is that I already knew one of them! One boy started to sing a skit that I knew from when I was at a camp a long time ago when suddenly another started to clap at random spots around me, at that moment I knew exactly where I had recognized him from! It was two weeks prior when I was off to go to a week of camping, where I had talked to him for a bit due to takimg a merit badge class together! Its at those times that you lose your thought, and we can just say thats and understatement! But we started talking about boyscouts and how everyone had joined. All of us had been introduced to cubscouts through family or school and then joined up with a boyscout troop. And just before we had to switch them with the other half of their group, someone caught a crab on a rod! The second group wasnt as reunion filled as the other, but was much funnier as we mostly were making random comments that could barely be considered a real conversation of substance, but if you ask me, it was a lot of fun talking with them. 

Hauling away together, oh and find someone named Joe!


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