Tuesday, August 21, 2018

"Can You Feel It Now Mr. Krabs?"

With another week down in the Summer, almost wrapping up, we continue to have new fun experiences! This week we visited both Spectacle Island and Georges Island and had a mini Beach Bash at Carson Beach to round out the week.

This week I was at All Access once again! And I continue to have the time of my life here! This week was very eventful in the sense that Tuesday was our annual fishing derby! Call time was at 7 am! And we had the privilege of being on the boat with Captain Charlie! After 5 hours of fishing and recklessly eating twizzlers, we caught a couple of flounders and skates. The best part had to be the entire experience. It was my first time fishing off a boat into the middle of nowhere (which was actually Quincy) and not off of a dock drop casting. Although I was a very unlucky fisherwoman who had her bait stolen not once or twice but countless of times, it was cool to see the fish at the top of the water rather than the bottom. We were in their territory, and I gained an appreciation for fish and their ecosystems that I did not have before. Also, I appreciate fishing way more because you have to have patience for that which I have not mastered yet.

Fishing at Georges
The rest of the week seemed to have flown by as we continued our regular programming at All Access. Thursday we went to Georges Island and fished with many excited little kids. When we got off the boat, it seemed like there weren't that many kids, but when we set up fishing, there were kids everywhere. I've noticed about myself that I like to give every kid a chance at fishing because I don't know how hard it is for some of them to experience fishing. So I try to do my best to allow everyone to fish. When they're not fishing they're at the touch tank or pulling up one of our various crab traps. If they can't at least fish, then they could hold a crab or learn the difference between a male and female crab. Many of which like to use the term "Can you feel it now, Mr. Krabs?" which I get is a SpongeBob reference, I just don't understand how every kid says it in sync after catching a crab. It makes me laugh.

Friday was the mini Beach Bash at Carson beach. Aleena and I took the time and dedication to create a Save the Harbor/ Save the Bay banner. While we worked on the banner, others were fishing or playing sports, serving food, blowing up the HUGE beach ball (me), or just running around and playing in the water with one of the hundred kids that showed up for the event. We ate some amazing hot dogs, sang our verse for "Haul Away Joe" and had a great time. Personally this week was one of my favorite weeks because I got to interact with so many kids and create a bond with them! I hope I continue making these bonds as I go into my final week working here and enjoy my next week even more than I enjoyed this one!
Aleena and I with our Save the Harbor Save the Bay Banner! 

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