Thursday, August 16, 2018

Back and Better!

I'm back and better Bloggers! Now at All Access!

Due to popular demand, the children at All Access asked for an enthusiast on learning and exploring so off I went! My first week at All Access, with my friends such as Kharliyah and Patrice, made it seem like All Access is where I was meant to be all summer! The typical day looks like this:
We meet the camps at the Blue Hills Bank Pavilion, which is so cool because I know growing up I never even stepped foot in to an area such as the Pavilion. We greet the camps and hear a story about the island we're about to explore, which can be either Georges Island or Spectacle Island. It's a humbling experience interacting with the kids here because its when they're the most enthusiastic. Some kids, like many from this week, have never been to Spectacle Island, and were just as curious and excited as I was. I found pleasure in connecting with them because we had something in common: It was our first time!

After we learn about the islands we begin our journey to the boat. We walk alongside the kids, some in front to guide and some in the back to observe. And all you hear are kids fascinated by the contraptions we have in our hands.  "Is that a crab trap?!" You hear from one end, and "WOAH a fishing rod!" from another, as if we're on our way to save the world! And for a slight moment we are, we're guiding the children, many who wouldn't be able to enjoy such a trip without Save the Harbor/ Save the Bay,  to further their curiosity and enjoy things such as fishing and holding crabs!

Young girl who I taught how to fish
On the boat we walk round and interact with the kids, talk about the latest Disney and Nickelodeon pop culture. Us Junior Program Assistants and Lead Harbor Explorers feel old with these conversations for the most part. We then break into Moana ballads, and maybe do the 'In My Feelings Challenge.' And just like that 20 minutes have gone by and we're off the boat and onto Georges! Once we get off the boat and onto the island, we set up shop and proceed to fish and play sports! Luckily I got to fish and help a young girl feel confident in her fishing capabilities. She didn't know how to fish and somehow convinced herself it was impossible, after a couple pep talks and reassurance, she grabbed the fishing rod and caught a crab! It was nice to help someone feel better about themselves and try something new!
Views from Georges

Just like that my first week at All Access was in the books! And I'm already waiting for my next experience! Until then!!

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