Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Back at it again at CHV!

It’s Aleena, back again from Camp Harbor View. This week was a wild one. On Tuesday there was a big storm on the way, and the skies were really dark; the boat ride back was a bit nerve racking too. Other than that it was just a regular day at Camp Harbor View.

On Thursday the harbor was filled with a lot of trash around where we fished from the dock, so we decided to fish for some of it to take it out. Dexter caught a trash bag and brought it onto the dock to throw away. Friday was a hectic day with hectic groups. This was one of the longest days at CHV. The kids were very wild, though that didn’t stop us from having a successful day. We caught a lobster in the trap and kept it throughout the day to show the various groups.
Lobster caught on Friday

The Revere Event on Saturday was a big success. It was so fun with so many people. All of our fish prints came out good and everyone left really happy with their paper and/or t-shirt. Many people asked us about the job and engaged in great conversation. I had a lot of fun with everyone there, enjoying food, and making kids smile.
Monday and Tuesday at CHV were pretty normal. Wednesday is where more action came. Tuesday we caught many Skate, a baby spider crab, and even part of a lobster trap. It was my first time seeing a baby spider crab, which was very very small. On the fishing trip, Wednesday we caught many fish. We caught about 13 Skate as well. Sebastian, one of our regulars at fishing club, caught about 5 fish himself. He’s a great kid to work with and always has energy when fishing.

First baby spider crab!

Fish printing at Revere Event
See you on the harbor,

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