Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Piers Park fun

Another hot week has gone by, and I am still enjoying my time at Piers Park. This week we received a whole new group of kids to work with.However there was still some kids from the prior week which I still recognized, but for the most part the kids were mostly new. Another week passed in which we taught the kids the basics of fishing and how important the harbor is to Boston as a whole.This week we ended up doing jeopardy as our lesson at CBI and things began to get heated between the few kids that were there. There was this one kid whose answer to every question was eel. It was a great time at CBI this week with the sun not being extremely hot, but we were still not able to catch any fish, maybe we just got unlucky.

This week, I also had the pleasure of attending the Fishing Derby. We went out on a hot Tuesday morning hopeful to catch big fishes, everyone went out on different boats hopeful to catch any type of fish which would win the competition for them. On my boat, we got extremely unlucky were not able to catch a single fish however we were able to catch a bunch of bait fish in order to be able to fish, but I am not really sure if those counted. Overall the fishing derby was a extremely fun experience and I want to have another one except next time we will actually catch fish.

Even in the heat at Piers there are still ways to cool off, by kayaking in the heat it was a good way to relieve the stress and hotness in the air. Going kayaking with the kids is a great experience in which you learn how work as a team in order to move. However for most of the part, you are actually the only one putting in work, while the rest of the kids are just relaxing and watching the boat move.

                                                    Kayaking with the kids

See ya on the Harbor,

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