Sunday, August 12, 2018

Traveling all over Boston

Monday was a hot one but that didn't stop 600 people from joining Save the Harbor on a trip out to Spectacle Island to fish, play sports, and swim! While most people were excited to swim and cool off from the hot day there were a lot of kids who wanted to fish as well. We caught all kinds of crabs and even got to go into the water some to cool off ourselves! I had not been to Spectacle yet this summer so it was an exciting experience to be able to go.

Tuesday was the fishing derby which I was so excited to participate in because I have grown fond of fishing over this summer and was looking forward to catching some fish! At the sites I've had the pleasure of working at this summer we have only caught one large fish which we caught at the Children's Museum last week. Our group tried hard to catch some fish but we were only able to catch one fish which we then lost because our hook got caught and we had to let go of our line! Even though we didn't catch any fish I had an awesome time out on the water fishing for the day!

Cute baby spider crab!
Wednesday and Thursday I was out on George's Island with All Access! I had not yet been to this island so I was eager to see what we could catch off the dock here! We had so many kids that wanted to fish so all of our sessions were full which was awesome! We caught a bunch of green crabs on Wednesday which some of the JPA's educated the kids on in the touch tank. Thursday when we pulled our crab trap in there were almost 15 rock crabs waiting to be taken out! Prior to cleaning up we also caught a baby spider crab which was too cute not to love!
Trying to maintain the giant beach ball
Friday was our last beach bash and splash of the summer at Carson Beach! It was an absolutely beautiful day and everyone loved being in the water swimming, fishing, and kayaking! It was finally cool enough to play some sports and we had some people playing both kickball and baseball! But my favorite part of the day was trying to race a giant beach ball down the beach to stop it from hitting anyone or flying away as 50 kids ran behind it. It was a great end to our beach bash and to the week!

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