Monday, August 13, 2018

Some Fun Events

Hey everyone! This blog is all about the two awesome events I went to this week aside from my regular everyday programing. This past Tuesday was the Fan Pier Fishing Derby! We had so much fun on Captain Charlie's boat, the Belle, fishing on the harbor. It was fun to have a day with just our staff doing some competitive fishing. I caught three fish which is the most I have caught in one day in my three summers with Save the Harbor! The weather was perfect for a day on a boat because the sun was shining but there was a nice breeze that kept us cool. Unfortunately, I did not win the biggest catch of the day but I was still happy to have beaten my own record.
We had to be there bright and early

On Friday I attended my third Beach Bash and Splash at Carson Beach. This one was a Mini Beach Bash but there was still a good crowd. I was once again running the fishing station with Briana and we taught a lot of kids how to fish and how to hold crabs. Kids love catching crabs because oftentimes a child catches multiple crabs on one line! One boy named Jj was fascinated by the crabs but he also wanted to make sure they made it home to be with their families so he let them go on the shore one at a time. We got our usual lunch of hot dogs,  veggie straws and baby carrots while we took a break from being out in the sun. The coolest part of this Beach Bash was that we were on the front page of the Saturday morning Boston Globe with a picture of kids playing with our giant beach ball!

This is Jj taking care of all the crabs
They made a huge splash
Those were all the fun events I went to this week but I will be sure to update all of you readers on my events for next week! Talk to you then!

-Maeve Fittz

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