Tuesday, August 14, 2018

All access Shenanigans

Well I'm back on All Access and this week we have been assigned to Georges island once again. This time we had a MASSIVE group of people (around 500!) coming with us on the trip. I had to dress up as a pirate to entertain the kids while we were at the Pavilion and on the boat. While acting as a pirate the two questions I constantly got asked were if my pirate sword was a real sword and if I've ever captained a ship. Sadly, the answer was no to both questions but you never know I could be a captain one day.
The best pirate on the 7 seas
When we got to the island I was assigned to fishing so after lunch I would go to the dock and teach kids how to fish and talk to the, about the life in the harbor.  There were a lot of people who signed up so it was really hard trying to make sure all of them were given a chance to fish. Luckily I had my friend and co-worker Lea there to help me out. The kids caught a surprising amount of crabs. Each time we dumped all of the crabs out of the touch tank it would be filled up again in no time. A lot of the kids never had the chance to fish before or never thought of trying it out so it was fun showing them how to put on the bait, cast the line, and when to reel it up. So far All Access has been the best sight for me this summer and I don't see that ending anytime soon.

learning from the best

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