Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Week 2!

Week two of Save the Harbor completed! These two weeks have been very exciting and enriching. The most memorable experience for me occurred on July 10th. It was a Tuesday and I was at my site at the Boston Children's Museum. It had been almost an hour since we dumped the crab trap in the water and when Albert pulled it up there was a giant spider crab stuck in the trap!! My first time seeing this crab my immediate reaction was "what in the world is that??"

Spider crabs are very grotesque looking. Their mouths open weirdly and it just overall looks very unappealing and nasty. They ugly to say the least.
Ugly spider crab

But what I'm really happy about is that I got to touch a moon jelly! Moon jellies are so cute and fragile and you can see them swimming and floating in the water. I was very happy to be able to say that I got to touch a jelly fish. I'm even proud to say that I got to touch the nasty spider crab too! haha

Me with a moon jelly!
Until next week!

Carrie Monge.

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