Friday, August 3, 2018

"Can we pull up the crab trap now?"

   Since it was shark week (which is my favorite week!) a lot of kids were wearing shark shirts, shorts, and hats as they came to visit the Children's Museum! Two brothers came to fish and were dressed in these awesome shark shirts that had all different species on them and we talked about each species while they fished because they love sharks too! One of them wanted to catch a shark in the harbor but with no luck he decided maybe it was better to try and catch some crabs instead. Another shark enthusiast came to fish with us as well but became more fascinated in our crab traps which he asked to pull up about every five minutes (even after we set it!). This was his favorite activity and fished with us all morning, loving every minute that he was able to pull up the crab trap and see what was inside! Soon other kids wanted to pull up the crab trap too and suddenly everyone was taking turns pulling up the crab trap and throwing it back in. It was great!
Carrie showing one of the crab trap enthusiasts how to hold a crab

   There were two other girls that came to visit with us all the way from the United Kingdom! They had never fished before and were eager to try! While they were fishing a thunderstorm was moving in so they fished until the last possible moment that they could! As the wind picked up and the sky grew dark we decided it was time to reel the lines in and take cover! As they were reeling the lines in one of the girls realized a crab was caught on her line! It was her first time fishing and she was probably the most excited person to catch something that I have seen all summer! After taking a picture with her crab and throwing it back into the water, the storm decided it was time to unleash itself on Boston, and we took cover just in time!
Crazy storm a brewin'!
  After this exciting moment of a girl catching her first crab, my co-workers and I headed inside the Children's Museum to meet with Charlayne, the Vice President of External Relations and Corporate Development at the museum. She told us about the path she has taken with her career and how she ended up at the Children's Museum in Boston. This talk was very encouraging because as a recent college graduate it is scary not knowing what the next step for my career is. Her words about "keeping an open mind" is something I always forget and will try and remember as I move onto the next step.

   As if this week wasn't exciting enough, I also had the chance to experience my first beach bash and splash at Carson Beach! A group of my co-workers and I did face painting and even though none of us are artists all of the face paint turned out incredible! Before lunch everyone ran into the water and it was so exciting to watch all of the kids and their families enjoy the day and our beach bash! Overall it was a really fun day and I can't wait for the next one!

So long for now!

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