Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Seafood fest is the best!

The Seafood Festival was amazing this year! Coming back for a second time was definitely a good idea. Compared to last year, everything felt a lot more fast pace. It was almost as if every time I looked up for first half, there were two more people for every one. Once it had died down a bit, and we had a chance to catch our breath, I decided to go to the blowup target with felt and Velcro dart things and just got people to try and hit the target! During that time, I had got around 50 different people to try and hit the center. Some had made it, some missed, though nobody was able to get any of the darts to stick to the bulls-eye. Out of the many people that tried, there were a few that really made a strong impression.

What would be the Seafood Festival without fish printing? I personally helped around 2 or 3 dozen people during all three shifts. but what really made this one crazy wasn't the amount of people, wasn't the types of fish, we had flounder and black sea bass, and definitely wasn't the slow pace at the end, but that we fish printed shirts! We ended up making about 5 shirts for people and then made one for the person from the Roseway in an act of friendship because she was kind enough to bring us hats!

The infamous dart board!
The one that may have been the funniest, was probably Captain Jack Sparrow. I had said to him "I bet you couldn't hit the center of the target even if you tried." Now being the mad man he is, Sparrow responded "why yes I can!" and proceeded to walk up to the target and lightly punching the center of the target. At this, a few people were laughing and I had just thrown my hands in the air conceding "well, that wasn't what i was meaning, but i guess you beat me!" Probably after he noticed what i had said, he just said "well, I probably couldn't do it from here, to far." at that point, I was just laughing. Later on though, he did return and tried to hit the target with the Velcro darts. and each time, they just bounced off, and each time they did, Captain Jack accused them of not being able to stick. So every once in a while I would have to take one of them and push it to the target to prove, they do in fact stick.

A second one that left a good impression, was a group who actually plays darts. About half the group tried and most of them were able to get them to stick, but again, when ever they went for a bulls-eye, it just bounced off. Again, when ever they thought it wasn't going to stick, I had to prove they did. And still, even after that, the amount of points that they had got if it was a real game was astounding! They had tried for a few minutes and got so close to the center I almost wanted to say "yeah that's a bulls-eye!" but alas, I could not.

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