Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Fishing Trip number two?!

After the fishing trip Wednesday, Camp Harbor View first session was coming to an end.
Due to the many bonds I made with the kids, it was sad to not see the same faces anymore
showing up on Tuesday. The last day of the first session, Thursday was really chill and fun.
The groups went by really fast, and they had one of their famous BBQs, but sadly we had to
leave before we could eat :(. Being able to help the same kids for a whole session was truly
inspiring, considering more than half of them didn’t know how to fish when they first arrived.
At the end, most kids were familiar and comfortable with fishing which was a great feeling,
especially to know I helped with that.  

Sebastian! (our pro-fisherman)

Carson Beach on Friday was extremely hot and tiring. It was amazing to see the amount of
kids in the different camps, and how interested they were in crabs and the touch tank. I was
at the Fishing/Touch Tank station, and many young kids were fascinated by the crabs, even
if they were Hermit Crabs, which I never was. On Monday, I went to Atlantic Wharf for the
first time, and I enjoyed it. I enjoyed fish printing with my co-workers, and getting to explore
a new site. On Wednesday, a hook got stuck all the way inside of a Skate’s throat,
and after a long and tedious struggle, our hero, Jules took it out and let the Skate go. Camp
Harbor View has by far been the best site!

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