Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Seven Fishes Project: Flounder

Today, Save the Harbor staff and Junior Program Assistants learned how to prepare Black Bass Flounder with Basil Freddura, head chef at The Daily Catch restaurant. Today's lesson focused on utilizing all parts of the fish to provide several meals out of a whole fish. This lesson is part of the Seven Fishes project to promote local and sustainable fish consumption. The project aims to increase fish consumption through education materials and cooking classes for each of the seven fish, including: Black Sea Bass, Flounder, Scup, Mackerel, Calamari, Striped Sea Bass, and Blue Fish.

Basil educating staff on Flounder

For the first fish, the lesson began with Basil showing the proper form to filleting a flounder. 

The two large filets were then cut into smaller pieces, seasoned, and breaded. 

JPAs helping to season filets

Finally, the filets were cooked in an oiled pan for several minutes on each side, giving them a crispy outer layer. 
The final product of the filet

The second fish lesson focused on preparing the fish whole. First Basil showed proper technique for descaling the fish and removing the head & intestines. 
Next, the fish was stuffed with herbs and lemon for taste, as well as coated in salt and pepper.

The fish was first cooked in a frying pan, then moved to the oven to cook through completely. 

After about 10 minutes in the oven, the flounder was ready. 

The creations were a hit! 

After the feast, vegetables and remaining bones were placed in a pot to create a fish stock for making dishes such as risotto and soup. 

With the left overs, Basil mixed together the fish, eggs, breadcrumbs, parsley, and lemon to create the perfect leftover lunch meal.

Whole fish are often far more cost efficient than precooked fish, or from a restaurant. By utilizing every part of the fish, we were able to create several meals from the fish. 

Thank you Basil for the cooking lessons, we look forward to making our own creations!

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