Tuesday, August 28, 2018

What a week!

Pesky seagull!
Hey guys! This past week was awesome! Monday was spent at Spectacle Island surrounded by Save the Harbor staff for our staff day! Since it was pretty cold on Monday I spent my time hiking around the island and taking in the beautiful sights of the Boston skyline. It warmed up in the afternoon so a few brave people ventured into the water (but not me!). In the afternoon I ventured out to the beach and looked for sea glass and relaxed. While I was out on the beach a seagull stole the apple I was eating right out from under my nose!  Pesky seagull! Tuesday I was back with All Access but this cruise to the harbor was one that was meshed with a Share the Harbor cruise so we had camp groups as well as families. It was pretty cold on Tuesday as well so many more kids were into fishing and playing sports than swimming in the harbor. Those who swam were some of the bravest people I had ever met because I was cold just looking at them!

The Beautiful Boston Skyline from Spectacle!
     I was also able to go to Piers Park this week and celebrate their last week of camp with them! Wednesday was such a rainy day that it was difficult to get the kids excited about going onto the dock once the storms cleared! Once they were sure they would not get rained on they all eagerly came down to the dock and either fished, went sailing, kayaked, or waited to pull up the crab traps. Thursday was similar to Wednesday except it was much colder so no kids wanted to go kayaking for fear of getting wet and being cold.

Fishing at Piers Park
Friday however was so hot compared to the rest of the week. All of the kids at camp were eager to have the best end to the summer yet.. water fight on the dock! Everyone wanted to be sprayed with the hose or be out on the kayaks having their own fun in the water, even some of the Save the Harbor Staff got in on the fun! Everyone went into lunch soaked but it was such a fun way to end this camp. I'm so glad I got to be at Piers Park for their last week!

Saturday was the End of Summer Bash at Atlantic Wharf! This was a cool event to work because I hadn't yet worked at Atlantic Wharf this summer so it was great to be somewhere new. There was a great band that performed at this event and got all of the kids up and dancing in no time! The beginning of the event everyone was either getting their face painted or eating the wonderful food Boloco had provided. Then everyone wanted to check out fishing, make a fish print, and find out more about what our organization does. Overall it was a great event and I'm so happy that so many people came to participate!

Catch ya out on the harbor for my last week!


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