Tuesday, August 14, 2018

A New Schedule?!

First catch of the day!

Aleena not at CHV?! I think so! On Monday I got the chance to go out on AABH to Spectacle Island. Monday was so so so hot! We were with Share The Harbor so the boat was very crowded with many families! I was assigned to sports where Kamal, Qalid, Deonte and I played a game of football, along with Winston. I really enjoyed being with new people, and trying something new, although the heat was unbearable. Normally I fish at CHV, so being able to play sports and then go for a swim in the water was really nice for a change. I loved the environment and all the new faces I got to see, even only on day one at AABH!

Tuesday’s fishing derby was so fun! I was on the Belle with Ashley which was really great because we normally don’t see each other during the week. I caught the first fish of the morning, which was a 24 inch striped bass!!! I was pretty proud of my catch. Overall, we didn’t catch any keepers, but it was a great day on the water, with even better people! Wednesday and Thursday at George’s Island were regular days. I did both fishing and sports, so I got the best of both worlds, which I personally enjoyed very much. We caught many crabs, and the kids were so happy to put them into the touch tank.
Coloring success at the beach bash!

Another big highlight of my week was Friday’s beach bash.I was happy to spend my time with Ariagnna coloring a really nice Save The Harbor banner too. I have to say, a new schedule wasn't so bad, I can't wait to see what next week has in store for me!
See you next week!

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