Saturday, August 4, 2018

Piers, Pop-Up, and AABH

The last week was a pretty fun one, if I do say so myself. It started off at AABH. We went to Georges Island, and we did a handful of things. After lunch, we went up to the park, and practically performed a sea shanty called "Haul Away Joe" in front of everyone eating lunch. A sea shanty is a song sailors sang to pass the time as they worked, and the overall message of this particular song is that if people work together, their goal is easier to achieve. After we sang, we had fun at sports playing various ball games like kickball, and soccer, and going into the dark tunnel. It was fun seeing all the kids run around and scream in the tunnel, as their counselors were too scared to even step in.

On the Thursday of last week, unfortunately AABH got cancelled because of the rain. However, we decided it would be worth the time to take kids the new Pop-Up museum in the North End. Two groups came and they got to do a lot of different cool things. Some kids did fishing, others went to the touch tank and held some crabs. Some kids fish printed, or colored and played in the sand box. After the Pop-Up, Winston was kind enough to buy us lunch from Tony C's (thanks again!). We passed some time in order to listen to the Vice President of the Children's Museum, and she taught us that we should be ready to adapt, and try new things. Also we should not follow our dreams, but carry it with us.

The next day, I was at MLK Scholars. At MLK, we learned about the importance of networking. Networking is coming across someone and exchanging information, to benefit each other, to primarily further one's career. We learned about how common and easy it is to do this, and we even made and practiced our own elevator pitches with YES!. I was also told the that beach bash that occurred at the same time was a great success, but unfortunately I was not there.

I started a new week at a new site. For the first time in my whole Save the Harbor career, I went to Piers Park in East Boston. We worked with a semi large group of kids and taught them how to fish. I went kayaking for the first time as well, and though I got really wet, it was fun. We caught about four minos, and a bunch of crabs, and I enjoyed my first time at Piers Park.

Bye, Qalid Hassan

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