Friday, August 17, 2018

Inspired by Chef Basil & Does the office of Senator Edward M. Kennedy still exist today?

Hey everyone, What’s up y’all?! I’m back with another bloooog…

So, this week has been very exciting in the sense of all the new things and new the new site that I was working at.
Lil Bro & Big Sis ❤
He wanted to do it all by himself ❤
On Monday and Tuesday I was working at Boston Children’s Museum. Yes, that was my first time working there. My first impression were all those cute babies and the tiny lovely kids running up and down. It’s like you if you enter to this whole new world where everything that surrounds you is laughter, happiness and innocence. It’ll legit makes you forget about your problems and have you with a huge smile.

Tiny Flounder ❤
There, I was doing fishing and touch tank with Kamal, Erin and other coworkers. When we pull up the Crab Trap, there was the tiniest Flounder I ever seen in my life. There was also a tiny Crab so therefore, we decided to name the Touch Tank as the "Infant Touch tank." It makes it easier for us to persuade the kids to hold them and pet them without having the fear of the "big" claws that the regular older crabs has. It was very impressive how the smallest kids would be the ones to fish & patiently wait for something to bite their bate. Some of them made their parents to bring them multiples times, the same day just to use the rods and hopefully catch something.

Fried Black Sea Bass Fillet ❤
Fried/Baked Black Sea Bass ❤
On Wednesday, some of my coworkers and I were cooking with Basil. I was thrilled to see and learn what he was about to teach us. I remember the first time that I met him. It was at Captain Charlie’s  boat where we were fishing. He showed us two recipes on how to cook/eat raw fish which I really loved. I was literally talking about it to all my friends and family that entire week lol. But on Wednesday, it was different, we met in a kitchen meaning that we were gonna actually cook the food. We all introduced ourselves as he was setting everything up. He started to explain what type of fish we were going to cook which was Black Sea Bass, and the ingredients we were going to used to make two different recipes.

One of the things I really liked about it was the way he was explaining what he was doing as he was showing every step. He made eye contact with every single one who was present. He also, let us be part of his creation by allowing us to cut or spread the ingredients around the fish.

I was struggling for real!
Short story: So, as you guys may know I’m a little shy but also I like to be in things, and in this case I wanted to help. So when Basil said “Anyone would like to volunteer?” not even a second pass when I said “Me” without knowing where I was getting myself into. I was helping removing the skin & OMG! That was the hardest thing ever. I even started to believe that as soon I touched that knife something happened to it or the fish that just made it very hard for me to slide the knife. Guys I was literally trying, I put all my strength to it but I couldn’t help it.. That was tough!

That teached me a lesson and is that we shouldn’t take people’s job for granted, it takes a lot if time and dedication to make the job easy and enjoyable. & I could honestly see that Basil, besides all the difficulties that Fishing and preparing it to be cooked can bring, that was something he was willing to do all over again.  He’s enthusiasm and the way he expresses himself when it comes to fishing, can easily defined the quote “ Do what you love & you’ll never work.” & he may not realized it but that’s how people get inspired to follow their dream job.

Senator Edward M. Kennedy Office ❤
On Friday we all went to EMK (Edward M. Kennedy Institute for the United States Senate.)  Were we got to learn the history of the Senates and also become Senators in training. We also get to experience the steps of voting by actually voting for what best suits each of us. Also, we got to see a replica of the office of Senator Edward M. Kennedy. What I love the most about his office is that the way he’s desk was arranged because it was facing the drawings and photos of his family which I think is the most important thing. At the end we head to the Senate Chamber were we all participated in a live floor and cast our votes. I really liked it because some of my coworkers were able to express their thoughts openly and were heard by us.

This week has been a very fun week were I got to experience different things that will help me later in my future. It gets better and better every week and I honestly can’t wait to see what I’ll be doing next week.

Hope you enjoyed this blog! & like I always say "Stay tuned for my next blog!"
~ Esther

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