Tuesday, August 14, 2018

A new site

This week I was assigned to piers park, which is in east boston. It was the first week that I wasn't assigned to the Boston Children's Museum and I have to say that although I was worried that I wouldn't like piers, I actually loved it. It's a very different structure compared to what we do at the children's museum. At children's it's more independent and it has more free time rather than at piers it has a schedule and it's the same kids the whole week for one week.

Showing the crabs to the kids
In the beginning, I liked to stay at the touch tank and show the kids how to hold the crabs and, as always, teaching them how to distinguish the genders of the crabs. My favorite thing to do at this site
was go kayaking! The first time I went kayaking my group of kids were 8-9 years old. It was fun! I had two girls and one boy. Addison, one of the girls, was at the front of the kayak with a paddle, then it was Charlie, the other girl, and Nate who also paddled with Addison and me. We initially just wanted to explore the water but as were were kayaking we noticed how much trash there. Water bottles, candy wrappers, alcohol nips, all types of plastic and trash was floating on the water. I told the kids to row back to the dock as we needed to pick up a bucket to throw the trash in if we were to pick up the trash in the water. Every piece of trash that we saw we would pick it up. What amazed me was the kids didn't care about touching the nasty trash. They picked up everything and we were so determined to clean the water the bucket filled up quickly with all the trash we picked up!

After that day of kayaking, my life changed. I'm more aware that in order for us to improve the environment like this, we have to teach these kids - the future- about what we can do to preserve our beautiful planet!

peep the trash bucket

Kayking with my new friends!

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