Sunday, August 12, 2018

Busiest Week Ever

I continued to work at Piers Park for the week, and it was a lot more busy than I expected it to be. Monday, we had a rather relaxed day, compared to the rest, and we still did a lot. I took Lucas (aka Thunder), kayaking and he taught me a few tips and tricks to make kayaking a bit of a more fun experience. We did some activities, caught some crabs and Minos and it was simply a great day. On Tuesday we went to Courageous, and we fished and caught some sea squirts which the kids loved to play with. We had a touch tank and played a harbor, Boston themed game of pictionary, and the kids really did know about green, red rock crabs, and even flounders, and striped bass.

Thursday was definitely the busiest day I ever worked on at Save the Harbor. It started with our weekly, 7:30am meeting, where we talked about how we can make work better. After, we took a boat out to Piers Park, where I got ready to work a scheduled routine, but that did not go as I expected. We basically did half of the day, and after kayaking and fishing for a while, we took an Uber out to CBI, in Downtown where we taught kids about salt in the water. They used a refractometer, and they were able to prove their hypothesis were close to correct. They did taste tests with cups of water with different amounts of salt. After the lab experiment, we went out to fish, where a young girl caught a pretty big eel! It was really slimy and hard to get off the hook, but that was the first time I ever seen an eel in real life.

Fishing at Courageous
As a reader I would assume the day is over right? It is not, but for the better. I could've went home and played Fortnite, but instead I signed up for an event at the Olliepalooza at Moakley Park in South Boston. There was so much food I was so happy. I ate about 4 hot dogs, 6 snow cones (cherry and blue raspberry), 3 ice creams, and made sure to stay hydrated with a lot of water. We fish printed, played in bouncy houses, and just spent the rest of a busy day, the best way we could.

That weekend, I had another event at the seafood festival where I dressed as a pirate and walked around looking at the wide variety of foods that were brought for the festival. Instead I ate a burrito even though people told me the food at the festival was really good. I also fish printed at this event and got to do some t-shirts too! It was a really fun event.

See ya next time,
Qalid Hassan

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