Friday, August 3, 2018

A New Site & New People

Hey Save the Harbor!

Week 3 I was at two different sites. I got to experience what it was like at Piers Park for the first time. When I got there we started playing different games to get to know each other and learn the kids' names. It was so hard to memorize their names because there were so many! Yet they were all so full of energy and ready to do their camp activities. I was ready as well to get to know them and their other camp counselors.

This day at Piers Park was the first time I ever saw a moon jelly. Many of the kids came to our touch tank to check it out, and some even picked up other things from the water to decorate the touch tank. It looked like a mini ocean with plants, the moon jelly, some mussels, and a few crabs. I also didn't know we could go kayaking with 2-3 kids at Piers. I honestly really wanted to kayak, but I was scared. I might try doing it if I get placed on that site again. That'll be blog-worthy!

Kids enjoying paddling on the water!

Kali and Picasso taking a selfie with the crab

The rest of the week I was at the Children's Museum. I met one little girl, Kali, that I'll definitely never forget. She was just so adorable and I loved her vibe. Her and her father, Picasso, came up to us asking about what we do and so Kali was interested in learning how to fish. Once she got the hang of how to manage the rod, she was determined to catch something. As we waited and talked to her father about our organization, suddenly she felt a bite. We all stopped to help her reel the rod up, and to her luck there was a crab on the hook!

Her face was full of excitement, but honestly I think Picasso was more excited for her. He started telling her how she should be proud of herself for what she just accomplished. Her smile was unforgettable!

These are the types of moments you just can't forget at Save the Harbor, see you guys next time!

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