Sunday, August 12, 2018

Days at the Museum 7

So this week I was placed at the Children's Museum. I was with Kaya and some JPAs. Monday was a regular day of fishing and pulling up crab traps. On Tuesday, we had our annual Fishing Derby. This was my first time. I showed up at 7 am and headed out on the water around 8 am. Our boat included me, Kamal, Qalid and Abel. We went out to the Captain's lucky spot but didn't catch any fish. We then proceeded to go outside of the harbor. We dropped our weights and prayed that we caught something, but our prayers weren't answered...

On the way back to the dock we made a stop before docking. We casted our rods out and waited. My best bud Kamal felt a tug and began to reel and pull but this mackerel wouldn't budge. He wrestled with the fish until it finally gave in. It was a pretty nice sized fish. This was my first time seeing a mackerel caught alive. Fishing might not be fun while waiting but when you get that tug the adrenaline starts pumping from start to finish.

On Wednesday we had a regular day at the Children's Museum. One thing that I enjoy at that site is the amount of people that come and take part in our fishing activities. Just a simple conversation will give a different perspective on that individual's background. I also learned about their previous fishing experiences.

Fishing at Children's!

On Wednesday we had a meeting with Nick Martin, The director of public affairs for Coca-Cola. He told us about the many jobs and experiences that led him to be in his current position. He also spoke about networking and how it was important to gain higher positions and make connections that we could use to better our future. He also touched on being open to criticism so that you know where you're doing bad and how you can better that skill.

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