Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Beat The Heat!

#Fun in the Sun, #Sand Castles
   Hey guys, it's Jordon and I'm here with another blog. This week I was placed at Blacks Creek. Blacks Creek was pretty chill and calm feel upon arrival.  For the first session, we walked by the creek exploring and trying to scavenge for any hermit crabs, planktons, and algae. After that, We worked on our modified touch tank by trying to create support for the walls and a secure spot for the bucket. This activity needs a lot of teamwork because we constantly have to fill the water bucket and pour it into our man-made lagoon. Our camper lost her shoe in a quick second when she went to explore the creek, she got stuck in gunk so the Creek took advantage and snatched her shoes. During the second session, we played gaga ball, Gaga ball is played in an octagon-shaped structure. The goal of the game is to prevent the ball from hitting anywhere beneath your knee. I was new to it but I caught on very fast. I won two out of the five rounds we played.

 After, we left Black's Creek and drove to the Curley Community Center. There we had a small problem with finding the correct way to get to our site. Eventually, we got there. The water was so clear and refreshing.  On Thursday we found a huge horseshoe crab shortly after we arrived. The kids initially thought that it was a “moving rock” but Briana could tell off the bat that it was a horse crab. A horseshoe crab is shaped like an oval has a long pointed looking tail. The horseshoe crab is descended from Scorpions. Horseshoe crabs don't have teeth so they use their legs to crush their food then force it inside their mouth. The horseshoe crab has a very hard shell that protects them from a majority of its predators. I enjoyed how the kids at the Curley were happy despite the heat and the temperature of the water.

#horse shoe crab #new sight
On Friday we went to Constitution Beach. There we did fish printing, crap trapping and we had a lobster on deck aswell.
-See ya next week! Stay cool!

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