Wednesday, August 8, 2018

E.S W-5/ Blacks Creek & Atlantic Wharf

Hey everyone. Y'all already know, I'm back with another blog!

Lots of love ❤
Aren't they the cutest?! ❤
This week I was so excited to see my babies again. Yes, I called them “my babies” because really and truly I’m getting way too attached to them, since we get to see them so many times.  ◠‿◠ It’s crazy the way I think of them on the weekends. Imagining their laugh OMG! They are the cutest for real. Their innocence is what I love the most. They’ll make you smile in the worst/hottest day of work.

Also, this week we had new co-workers (Deonte, Lea & Able) at this site. So, us who were there before had to introduced them to the kids and kinda give them an overview of what Blacks Creek is all about. Everything worked out well, we interact to each other a lot which I think is very important in any type of job.

Pulling up the Crab Trap! ❤
The Crab's new "Car Seat" ❤

We all went to the dock to get the crabs. Alex (the youngest kid at that moment) was the most excited out of all the kids, since he was the one who pulled up the Crab Trap and who also carry the Crabs to the Touch Tank.

Short Story: As the kids were playing with the crabs, there was this girl who was obviously scared to hold them but still wanted to. So, I was trying to convince her by telling her that if she doesn't hold the crab, then she won't be able to take it home afterwards. Long story short; 5 minutes pass and I see her with this little rake in her hand and the Crab resting on top like nobody's business. I asked her " Why do you have the Crab there?" The girl say "Oh, that's the Crab's new "Car Seat." I dropped dead alright. It was the way she sound all happy and excited lol. I won't lie she made my day right there!

Making the Soup
Ready to eat!
Among the kids there is a group of chef who decided to cook for us. The specialty of the day was "Swamp Soup" made by Jimmy and his assistants. The ingredients were Chicken (rocks), Salt & Pepper (sand), Jalapenos (Grass) and for the extra fancy touch they used Flowers. According to the chef, the soup is good for stress relief and gain strength. Yes, they'll make up anything just to see you eat that Swap Soup. The funny part about it is that also according to them, if you drink too much salt water you can die. (but that only applies to them when eating the Soup they made.

❤ Atlantic Wharf ❤ 

Fish Printing! ❤
Printings! ❤
      Friday was my very first time at Atlantic Wharf. Like always, I was very excited and everything specially because I heard from my coworkers that it was one of the nicest site, that just make feel 10 times more excited than I was. & let me tell you, they were right. Everything was great, the kids specially the cold water. The only thing that had everyone bother specially for those who were fishing was the heat & humidity. Uugh! It's the worst for real. But enough with the complains. 

You believe me now uh?! 
          Now, I'll tell you the amazing things that I got to do there. As very " not lucky but blessed" that I am, I had the opportunity to work with one of the nicest coworkers Kharliyah Ortiz at the Fish Printing section. So, you know what that means right "SHAAADEEE" lol. I was the happiest girl alive, I'm not gonna' even fake it. We started to set things up for the kids. We started off with the robber Flounder Fish but then the kids wanted to fish print with the real one. So, yes! we had options for those who wanted to try it. 
          But that's not the only cool that happened that day. As we were wrapping up, one of my coworkers who was working at the fishing site, came running towards us saying that they caught a Lobster. since it was so hot, my coworkers and I who were sitting in the shade, just give her the support from there, thinking it was a small Lobster. But Nooo, it was Hugeeeeeee! Wait hold up! I don't think you understand. It was gigantic Lobster.  & that's how we ended up the day with that huge surprise.

Like I always say, stay tuned for my next blog!! See you later.

~ Esther

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