Thursday, August 16, 2018

Fishing Derby 2.0

It was the day. The day I would finally get revenge on Eric. It was a 7 am call time, but that didn't matter to me. I was going to make this happen, Eric was going down. When I got there, about half the staff was there and SHE's were waiting to direct people towards the dock. As I was walking down to where we were meeting, I watched as our staff were moving snacks. When I got there, I asked Bridget if there was any left, which was luckily a negative. Heading down to the dock, I saw many people that I didn't know, so I went and talked to them with whom ever they were with. Starting with Michael and his brother. Only half to my surprise, Michael's brother also had a single braid. Apparently the two of them are both avid fishermen. So I talked with them for a bit, and learned that their father had taught all three of them, though the oldest doesn't fish that often.

Everybody together!!!
After that, I went to talk to my good friend Colin, who had brought his girlfriend with him. I ended up talking to them for the majority of the remaining time on the dock, but they were interesting conversations. But, the time had come, the time we had all been waiting for! Group photo time! You thought I was going to say fishing time, didn't you? Nope, first we had to get a few pictures of us with the banner in the background. After that, we finally were given a small talk about what we were trying to achieve. There were two trophies to win, one for most fish caught, and second one for the BIGGEST fish caught. So we all got split into different teams and sent to different boats. I had hoped to get assigned to Basil's boat, because he's funny, though sadly I did not. But on the up side, I was put into a boat with Meaghan, whom I have spent the majority of the summer with.

On the boat we talked about an assortment of topics, some of which included injuries and then reflecting on their past mistakes. The reason we had gone into the injury discussion was because we had gone into a strait that is dangerous at high tide because of the currents. Our boat captain, who works with the harbor police, had told us a story about how one day he was responding to a boat on fire and how it was just the engine smoking. Just about that time, we had got our first fish. I was the closest, so I was the one to reel him in. Sadly it was too small, so we couldn't keep him. and we continued for a bit longer until all three of our staff had caught one fish each.

Getting back to the dock, I was slightly anxious because I didn't see Eric. Just as we were about to wrap up, Colin somehow managed to catch a 28.25 inch Stripped bass. In the end, Colin won the largest fish award and another boat got the most fish due to catching 12 fish... But still, no sign of Eric. Now that was a lucky break for me. Later, Eric told me that his boat had gotten back 10 minutes after everybody had left! I won, but only due to disqualification...

Lookin for that fish

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