Tuesday, August 21, 2018

The Underlying Chaos

Sam showing crabs to those in line
I thought seasons changed without warning in Virginia but this is ridiculous! Monday was the coldest day so far this summer and I definitely was not expecting it! It was supposed to rain so I brought a jacket but I wore shorts which turned out to be a very bad idea when working right next to the water. But it was also just the day we needed because everyone was in a better mood since it was not hot out. I guess some of the patrons of the Children's Museum were also in high spirits because the line to get into the museum was out the door and wrapped around the benches where we were for over an hour! We had so many kids come over to fish and pull up the crab traps while their parents held their place in line. Some kids were too young to leave their parents in line so Sam brought some of the
crabs we had caught to them so these kids could see the crabs while waiting for the museum as well!

Trying to catch a lobster the size of the milk bottle!
When the next few days came I immediately knew I had taken the fabulous weather from Monday for granted because it was back to being hot and humid. Even in this weather there was one boy who stood and fished with me for a long while, talking about all things marine! The topic of this discussion was about the huge lobster Save the Harbor had caught at Atlantic Wharf a few weeks prior. I had told him about this massive lobster they caught that had claws the size of my head and he said "what if that lobster was as big as you?" and "what if it grew as big as that milk bottle?" (referring to the Hood nearby).
Baby green crab!
Baby flounder!
This went on for a few minutes but ended with "what if the lobster was as big as the world! There would be no room left for the people!" I enjoyed helping him fish because I forget how imaginative the brains of children are and it was refreshing to hear some of his ideas. We then caught my favorite fish (a baby flounder!) and an amazing crustacean (a baby green crab!) and had a baby touch tank!

This week David Lee came to speak with us about his career and showed us some of the unique buildings he has designed throughout his career. I found his talk interesting since I do not know a lot about architecture so it was a great way to learn about another career. We then were able to visit the Edward M. Kennedy Institute for the Senate which was a really cool experience because we got to go into an exact replica of the United States Senate Chamber and participate in a vote similar to how they would in the true Senate. It was a great end to the week!

Catch ya out on the harbor!


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