Tuesday, August 14, 2018

It's Week 3!

Week 3 flew by so fast! I was still assigned to the Boston Children's Museum so most of the days were similar to the previous week. The most memorable moment for me was when this tattoo artist visited us with his cute daughter, Kali. I was at the touch tank and I showed them the crabs and explained to them how you can distinguish between a male crab and a female crab. She then quickly ran towards the fishing rods where one rod was baited and ready to be used. I then showed her and her dad how to properly hold the fishing rod and how to drop cast so she would be able to catch something.

It took a bit of time, as it does for most people, for her to catch a crab but she did it! Kali caught a crab and I won't ever forget what her father said to her: "Kali, you need to be proud of your accomplishments - hold it up and be proud!" and although she was afraid to hold the crab, her father held it for her so they could get a great photo with her catch!

Kali and her crab!
What I love about this job is I get to see how other families are and how parents teach their kids life lessons even if just a simple day at sat the Boston Children's Museum. I'm seeing and learning how to teach kids and the faces they make when they accomplish something is the sweetest thing in the world. A father teaching his daughter an important life lesson,  I don't ever want to forget this moment.

A cute moment in the books!

See you on the Harbor!


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