Tuesday, August 14, 2018


Week 5 at Piers park has been nothing but a blast to work at. This is my first site change after being at children's for the whole summer. I cannot say that I'm not glad that I'm working at a new site this week, because Piers feels completely different compared with my old site. Instead of meeting new children everyday, you get to meet the sames over a longer period of time, which makes it easier to form a connection with the kids working there. Piers runs on a tight schedule which means that you are always busy doing something which you know is important.
On Tuesday instead of Piers Park we go to Courage's Sailing where we go and help out a sailing camp. This week we ended up playing pictionary with the kids who we ended looking after. The game started to get heated between the two teams, when one of the judges awarded a 15 point question to the losing team to help even the odds. Which ended up causing a uproar after the leading team ended up losing the game. But it was all in fun after we took the kids out to fish on the docks, there moods ended up switching to something more happy.

I ended up kayaking with some of the kids in the program, the kids in my kayak where collecting periwinkles along the side of the rocks which we would later put inside the touch tank. There was this one kid who was acting bad and try to tip over the kayak but I told them that if they fell into the harbor, a shark would come for them real quick. After they heard that they began to act all sweet and nice making sure that every was acting correctly.

On Thursday we ended up teaching a lesson at CIB, in which we discussed the amount of salt in the water. We used a device in which we compared the amount of salt in the water across different type of water. Later we ended up capturing a huge slimey eel that ended up freaking out the kids. We had to end up putting it back because we did not have a touch tank with us and it was extremely hot that day.

                                                    Eel caught at CBI

Catch ya at the Charles,

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