Monday, August 13, 2018

happy birthday bridget.

Hi everyone,

       So the week started off nice and relaxing at Piers Park when we all played games with the kids like Quack-a-Dilly Oh My and the Captain's Coming and our own Save the Harbor staff, Stanley, took the win against Zahra. Then as the warm day continued on the dock we fished with the kids and the girls wanted to go kayaking so I did. It's probably one of the best things to do because they talk to you more one on one and you create a stronger bond.

      As the week continued at Courageous Sailing Center we did Salinity stations in which kids see how much water is in specific water. I was at the taste testing station and those kids had a blast as they all got the order correctly and most spit out the saltiest water (it was D)! Then we caught many green crabs and I truthfully enjoy holding crabs the most.

My girl Zahra and I fishing.
    The next day at Piers Park we caught this huge lobster and I could actually say that most of the kids were genuinely excited just as I was. It was the smelliest thing ever and it kind of flapped in my hand which got me creeped out. But as the day went on we saw our supervisor, Bridget and we all wished her a Happy Birthday! After the lunch break we all reflected on how much we adored each kid and one stood out to me the most and that was Zahra, she took the time to get to know the staff well and was patient with the fishing rod. We all enjoyed her company.

We caught a lobster featuring my buddy Eli.
      Hope y'all enjoyed reading another insightful post by me. I love sharing my stories from different sites and really getting to know these kids. I can’t wait to tell more so you can see how much fun we all have, this isn’t just a job to me but I know it’s definitely something I’d love to continue in life.

See y'all soon,
Nieomi Colon

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