Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Staff fun at EMK!

The band was amazing at Family Fun Night
Another cloudy day at Piers Park
Hey everyone! This week I went to two very memorable events: the Family Fun Night at Carson beach and the EMK Institute next to UMASS Boston. The family fun night was my final event of the summer and I have to admit that it was my favorite so far. We got to listen to good music, eat some delicious food, and participate in face painting. It went by so fast that I was shocked when it was over since I was having so much fun doing art with the kids.
I got to be a senator for the day
On Friday instead of programming all of the Save the Harbor staff went on a field trip to the Edward M. Kennedy Institute where they have an exact replica of the senate chambers. We met at castle island where were able to pick out whatever we wanted for lunch and then we drove to the institute which is behind UMASS Boston. We did a quick orientation and then split into two groups where we were assigned a tour guide. The tour was only about an hour but we got to learn a lot about the way our government works. The main issue of the day that we focused on was the election of Judge Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. Friday also went by fast and before we knew it we did a mock trial of Kavanaugh’s appointment and we voted that he was not a good choice for the Supreme Court. It was a very informational and unique day because we usually program with children everyday but we were able to interact within the staff and it was a lot of fun.

That is all I have for this week and summer is unfortunately coming to an end. Wednesday, August

 22nd is my last day of work at Save the Harbor and I am going to miss it very much (especially

because I have to go back to school!) I has been a great summer and thank you for reading about my


Maeve Fittz

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