Wednesday, August 15, 2018

I'm back!

What's up forum, it's me Eric coming back at you all with another fill in for this week. This week I was showing the children (and even some adults) the marine life at the Children's Museum. Starting on Monday I got in early at 8:00 am and waited until 9:45 am for everyone to get to the pyramid. When everyone else  arrived at the pyramid  we all said our hellos, got all the supplies, and set up for the day. We got about six rods, a crab trap, a tackle box for the fish, a sunscreen stand and a bucket for the water. we brought them out to the pier and started to set up, there were already people looking at us as if they were eager to come try fishing.  So we put out the crab traps, put bait on all of the fishing rods, and got water for the touch tank. Immediately people came by asking if what we're doing is free which is when we responded with an "of course!" and happily helped them with their fishing experience. For  most of the children it was their first time fishing ever and that brought me back to last year working at the Children's Museum and how fun it was because you got to teach random people the greatness of fishing.  After about 20 minutes I would check the crab trap and find little crabs. But on Monday we barely had any crabs. We only caught about five in the morning! But by that time it was lunch time and I was off at one o'clock.  I came back at 2 o'clock and we set up everything again because we had to put it away for lunch, after setting everything up we waited for a while and then people came for fishing again. There was still no luck catching fish or crabs on our lines. We stayed until 4:00 and then packed up for the day! Tuesday we caught a few more crabs in our trap but still no fish on our fishing lines so most of the people who visited were more interested in the touch tank.
Releasing the crabs !
On Wednesday the day started out like any other.  We brought the supplies out, set them up, and went out to give people the opportunity to see crabs and catch fish. The sun was blazing and the tent we were under was the only protection we had (except for the sunscreen). I was amazed that the children still wanted to fish in this temperature but I was happy to help them out. And we were truly blessed that day because we got so many crabs and a bunch of fish called Cunner in our trap! I was amazed! I thought all the crabs migrated to the other parts of the harbor! But right before lunch I traveled to the office so I could talk to some of the people who donate to Save the Harbor and tell them why I like working here during the summer. When I  got back, I was greeted with the knowledge that I missed the first ( and largest) striped bass this year at the Children's Museum. I was so bummed out. But I  found it in myself to forget how bummed I was and went on with my day!
The bass in all its glory.
Until next week..

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