Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Piers Park Fun

This week, I was still placed at Piers Park. In addition, we went to Courageous where we did fish printing with our beautiful flounder fishes and our touch tank which was filled with so many crabs. On Thursday we had our weekly staff meeting then took a short boat ride over to Piers Park. This week we had a new addition to our piers park staff, it was Collin. He is a very fun and quick person, he is the only one that had a chance at beating me at Every one is it tag.
I was also so excited to have Garett back, he is one of the funniest and most outgoing individuals I've ever met.
Last  week we had so much fun. It was a very rainy throughout the week. So first we played a couple games with the kids. I would always win because I'm very fast and athletic. I went out kayaking with the kids and we almost capsized because it was such rough weather. I went out sailing with our harbor explorers while it was red flag warning. Luckily Mella knew how to handle it because she has a red flag certification in sailing. On Tuesday we went to CBI where we did a fishing overview. Where we used Swedish fish to demonstrate how many corporations use many big machines to get as much fish as possible and that eliminates how much fish is in the ocean. While if you are a smaller fish farmer that doesn't have big machines will catch less and it will be less profit for smaller farmer.

Overall I had a lot of fun especially at MLK, where we learned to do networking which is basically advertising yourself in order to acquire high positions in big cooperation’s. There I learned how to do a elevator pitch. It's where we would about a minute and a half to introduce yourself, give the other person in the elevator a breakdown of what you do and how to contact you, eventually you would set up an interview with that person and try to get a job. I thought this was a fun and educational lesson.

Another great week with Save the Harbor!
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