Thursday, August 9, 2018

Nick Martin Brings Coca-Cola to the Harbor

On Thursday, August 8, Nick Martin, Director of Public Affairs and Communications for Coca-Cola Northern New England, and Save the Harbor/Save the Bay board member, spoke with our summer staff as part of our Youth Jobs and Leadership Development Initiative. Nick was the third in our Save the Harbor Leaders Speakers Series - throughout the summer, leaders who have built successful careers in business, science, transportation, government, construction, and other sectors in and around Boston join our youth staff to share their experience and introduce us to a variety of career options across many industries.

During our conversation, Nick stressed how important education had been in his career. In high school he was chosen for a summer program at Dartmouth, a school he had never heard of, which lead lead him to then apply to and get in to the Ivy League college. Nick reflected on values of hard work, being willing to embrace the unfamiliar, and not waiting for opportunity to come to you. The best example of this being his story of getting his first job in city government by applying to a Craigslist ad, working in communications - which he had not studied - and then performing well enough in his role to work for two different administrations in the city Boston. 
Nick at Coca-Cola Service Day

He also spoke to the power of a network. Sharing your work with others and reaching out to people across industries to share knowledge. It was networking that brought Nick to his role with Coca-Cola. 

"What advice would you give us as we begin their careers?", one of the youth Junior Program Assistants asked. "Learn how to take feedback," Nick replied. He wanted the students to know that constructive criticism is necessary for development and they should seek those who are willing to push them out of their comfort zones. 

Thanks so much to Nick Martin for joining us during a hot and busy summer. Our staff was very inspired by his journey and we hope he will join us again. Maybe next time we can get him to tell us the Coca-Cola secret formula.

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