Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Week 5 Fun!

On the 5th week at Save the Harbor/Save the Bay, I was once again assigned to the Boston Children's Museum. Although I have been assigned to this site for 5 weeks straight and the days are long, I actually quite enjoy it because of the variety of kids and parents that come and go. I love speaking Spanish to the families that do and whenever there's a family that speak French I love to try and talk to them even though my 5 years of French is not at all fluent but I try!!

This week we caught a striped bass! It was huge and amazingly resilient. As amazing as it sounds though, it was not easy to reel up. As the little girl who was fishing with this particular rod was attempting to reel it up, the reel detached from the pole, making it challenging to bring in the fish. This problem caused the little girl to hand back the reel to Amani, and Ellen had grab the line and pull it up manually. I took a video of Ellen pulling up the fish as its mouth had a fishhook in it.  All it could do was wiggle around before Ellen placed it into the touch tank, disturbing the poor crabs. As the crabs swarmed around the tank, the fish barely fit, causing even more of a storm inside the tank. There was people surrounding us on all sides, curious as to see what kind of fish we caught. It was a crazy moment. Erin had to pull out the fish hook from the bass’s mouth but all it could not stop swarming. It was 25 inches and it was unforgettable. What I won’t ever forget the most though, is that I baited that fish that caught the bait so… all me .

Being at Children’s for 5 weeks straight has gotten a bit old but I have no complaints. Even more so that now we have a tent and it’s not so hot anymore. I hope to be taken to a new site, and meet new people and kids! 

When there's a big group of kids though, it gets a bit hectic because a lot of people want to fish but we only have so many rods and when kids surround the touch tank the crabs are even more defensive and can easily attack their little fingers. Therefore, I stay at the touch tank to prevent that! 

Erin with stripped bass

See you next week!

Carrie Monge.

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