Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Setting Sail On A New Adventure!

    Hello! My name is Caroline Wilbur, I am a recent graduate from Bridgewater State University and I am from Weymouth. This is my very first year at Save The Harbor Save The Bay and I could not be more excited to be here! It is going to be a refreshing transition, going back outside, after the past few months of teaching middle school students online! Quarantine has been a challenging time for us all. Some of my favorite activities such as coaching two swim teams, surfing at the beach, and mountain biking on the trails are now somewhat possible again, so I am happy as a clam! 

    This summer, I am so lucky to have the opportunity to join the Save The Harbor crew as we navigate the transition to online programming! It will be a great time for each of us to learn more about the programs that Save The Harbor has to offer! Being new to the team, I am looking forward to learning about the history behind Boston Harbor! With everything I have been learning remotely about Save The Harbor, it has been so exciting to get the chance to meet members of our team of Zoom! My favorite part of orientation was getting to meet my team members Regina, Jasmine, Aleena, and Damani, today we had the chance to work together in the Seaport District at the Fort Point Channel…but more on that to follow!

For now I’ll leave with a joke!

How does the ocean say goodbye? 

It waves! 

Sea you next time! 

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