Tuesday, July 27, 2010

4th Place is Synonymous With Winning

Last Sunday, our team of Save the Harbor/Save the Bay super athletes rose at the wee hours of the morning to defend our organizations name in the Wollaston Beach Volleyball Tournament. The crack team was composed of Tom, our ringer Caitlin, LaToya, BJ, Thi, Alex, and myself. After arriving fashionably late, I discovered that we were down a man after BJ failed wake up. Undaunted, we prepared for our first game with the determination to win. We were up against a team which proved to be even less expirenced then us. Due to stellar serving by Caitlin, Alex, and Tom, we were able to shut them down and propell us forward. We soon felt that perhaps, we could be contenders in this wholesome competition. For the next game, we came back from an early defeciet to soundly trounce our second opponent. The cup now seemed to be in our sights but alas, our eyes proved to be bigger than out stomachs. We went up against Ball On, a team that apparently consisted of adults who actually played volleyball. How lame, right? With one guy attempting to be a hero by serving like a juiced up Bulgarian, we quickly were crushed. There were some bright moments though with Thi and LaToya working on their serves and providing useful assists. Thankfully, it was double elimantion so we dropped to the losers brackett to battle team Morrisey. After a close game, where I went on a hot streak, we came up 3 points short of advancing. Needless to say, our fourth place overall out of fourteen teams is an amazing accomplishment. No doubt about it, we brought honor back to the SHSB name.

Peace Out,


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Jennifer Last said...

Congratulations Team Save the Harbor! What an awesome job and a great way to spend a Sunday on the waterfront.