Friday, July 30, 2010

Reflecting along the Fort Point Channel

Today started out beautifully, as I walked along the Fort Point Channel from South Station to the Boston Children's Museum. Along the walk I made time to stop and observe my surroundings. It was low tide and I could see the bottom of the channel was filled with seaweed, pilings, rocks and odd pieces I could not make out. I started to wonder when the Tea Party Museum would start construction, so I could give the participants of Fishing 101 a better time frame. The Boston Tea Party Museum will be a great addition to the Fort Point Channel.

After a rather short reflection on the Channel, I quickly moved myself to set up for fishing 101 at the Boston Children's Museum. I was rather early to the site today, which allowed me some time to observe the pier before it became crowded. A businessman on his laptop, a mother with her son chasing the gulls, and a Boston Children's Museum staff member who helps me every morning. This gentleman is always excited about our work and stays involved with our daily catch. This morning we had some time to reflect on the marine life and Fort Point Channel progress and future. He always has advice for me about the fish!

Once the Save the Harbor Staff arrived I knew today was going to be a success. Although no live worms were available, we had Bologna and bagels to bait our traps and hooks. Unfortunately I could not stay for the Fishing 101 excitement today, but I knew Emily, Conor, and Tim would hold down the fort.

As I walked away from the Fort Point Channel, I hope for a touch tank full of surprises. A few hours later I was informed of a fish filled day at the Museum. Crabs and cunners were the stars of the day and no worms were needed. Great Job everyone and lets do it again on Monday.
- Jennifer Last

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