Friday, July 16, 2010

The MLK Program

This morning today I attended the MLK Scholars Program. This was my second time attending and I have met all kinds of people. We watched a video of Martin Luther Kings speech "I have a dream" and it inspired almost everyone that was there. We have guest speakers that come out and talk about achieving your goals and applying ourselves to our dreams. They bring encouragement and leadership to everyone.

One speaker today told us a story about him playing basketball with Michael Jordan. He said that he loved to play basketball just like him, but basketball did not define who he truly was. He motivated us to set our goals high and to succeed in everything we do. We also had group activities, where we circle up and the director would ask us a question, and tell us to discuss the answer with a partner. This was a way to get to know each other. One question was, " What is your main goal you want to achieve and why?" When we were answering the questions I realized that we may all be different, but we want the same things in life. For example, the people that shared their answers all said that they wanted to graduate from college. We all have something in common and we are all one big family.

This program is an icebreaker because some people share personal thoughts that they may not want to express to others. We become more open to conversations and not shy to express how we feel. Having over three hundred teens in one room making connections is more than one step going towards change in our communities and peoples hearts.

LaToya Glass

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