Friday, July 9, 2010

Amazing Blacks Creek

The first week at Black’s Creek was a truly amazing experience since this was my first time seeing Black’s Creek. Upon arriving, I was greeted by children who were so excited to be with us. The children that I was exploring with showed me a swamp (Bruce says it is a salt marsh) where we caught many things. While at Black’s Creek we caught hermit crabs, green crabs, a bunch of minnows and sea weed. Although we didn’t catch any big fish, the children still had a blast. No matter what we caught, even if it was snails, it brought huge smiles to their faces which in the end made me happy. Throughout the week I also had a chance to bond with some of the campers, some more than others. One of the kids was so afraid to go into the swamp, but together I helped him overcome his fears. I hope the summer has more moments like that.

~Shaunae. S

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