Friday, July 30, 2010

A Champ of a Crustacean

Last Friday at Courageous Sailing Center in Charlestown, and after several days of vacant attempts, we managed to pull up a lobster. It was the source of great entertainment throughout the afternoon. However, it was soon made apparent that this was not going to be your routine catch-and-release. Upon zip-tying the claws shut, I was instructed to hold onto the lobster throughout the afternoon and bring it for a touch tank at The Reading Night in South Boston. I had a Dr.'s appointment at the hospital that day to get my cast off, for which I had just learned, this dear lobster would be accompanying me. This lobster was placed in a large Tupperware with about half an inch of water and put in the trunk of my car. I then drove off en route to Newton Wellesley Hospital. About 10 minutes into my drive and after aggressively weaving through Charlestown streets, I was stopped at a red light before getting onto the Mass Pike and suddenly recalled that this creature was in my car. I got out of the car and opened the trunk to make sure that it had not fallen victim to my ignorance. All was swell and I arrived at the hostpital parking in the large garage. However, unbeknown to me, this would be a long visit. In between my getting the cast off and being fitted for a splint, I decided to duck out to make sure that this lobster had not been fully boiled and cooked without anyone's intention of being eaten. It was fine but wouldn't be for long so I made the decision to drive to a Mcdonalds on Rt. 128 and casually retrieve several handfuls of ice from the vending machine. I did not even bother to explain to employees why I could possibly be doing this. I made a few trips in and out so I imagine it appeared very bizarre but I had bigger fish to fry, no pun intended. Anyway, I believe that the lobster enjoyed a relative degree of comfort over the next few hours until we arrived in South Boston at which point it would be picked up and inspected by dozens of children over the course of 2 hours. I am proud to say that my dear friend performed like a champ. He made it through the event and to my great pleasure, was able to walk away with the world ahead of him upon release. I can only imagine how he would attempt to fathom his most recent afternoon.

-Dan Kenary

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