Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Summer Staff Take the Lead

A fond memory I carry with me from year to year at Save the Harbor is watching the younger youth staff take on larger responsibilities within their job title as the summer progresses. Every summer the youth staff watch and learn from the Senior Marine Educators and as the summer quickly moves ahead you will see their confidence level rise. It is a great reward as a teacher watching the students, children participating in the programs and the young youth staff take the lead on the docks.

For example, Latoya and I where working at the Boston Children's Museum one day. It was just the two of us and usually I would have to delegate a job for a youth assistant in the morning, but Latoya found her role that day very quickly. She was keeping an eye out for the touch tank, making sure that if a child was interacting with it one of us was there. She was always engaging the parents and children that participated for the day. I was excited to see her confidence in teaching the young participants take shape.

Watching the youth staff take on responsibility with the children at the sailing centers is a great reward. I know that the youth are finding confidence in themselves to lead education on the waterfront and take ownership of their harbor. These young stewards are working hard for us here at Save the Harbor and deserve recognition. By the end of the summer I feel confident that these young adults are ready for the work world, ready to continue their education, are full of confidence in themselves, have proven responsibility, and ready to take risks in order to give themselves a chance at life.

Thank you to all my summer staff for making this happen and teaching me along the way. It has been a great summer thus far and I look forward to finishing out the summer with a BANG!
- Jennifer Last

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